About Olivia


I'm a pop culture expert who stays on top of trends, memes, and viral content. I thrive in an environment where I can share and implement my big ideas. I'm an imaginative person who loves strategizing each step of a project.

With a background in film, media, and digital studies, I have studied why audiences connect with the content they like and share. As a writer, I specialize in analyzing pop music and pop fandoms, specifically the audience-performer relationship. As a strategist, I remain up to date with images, designs, and popular references that will resonate with the target client.

I am also a visual artist and an independent musician. Currently, I make digital art and electronic music with an emphasis on maximalism. 


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, MA in English, concentration in Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies

  • Cornell University, dual major BA in English and Gender Studies, concentration in Cultural Studies